Babies: We love them, but we cannot admit them to Matinee Club screenings. Sorry!

Membership cards: Please bring your card to each event to expedite check-in. Cards are transferable. Feel free to share with a friend if you can’t make a show.  One membership card per customer!  If you lose it, you just stop at our table and we'll look you up.

Guests: Local peeps who want to check out the Club are invited to visit one time only.  If the guest later subscribes to the series, the guest fee paid will be subtracted from the subscription price.  Also, we always welcome a visiting parent, kid home from college, out-of-town guest, etc. as a courtesy to our members. Guests pay $10 at the door. 

Switching days and venues:  If you can’t make your regular series day, or prefer the movie selections at an alternate location, you are always welcome to attend another day or location.

Pro-rated subscriptions: The Matinee Club season runs from October to May. We welcome subscribers at any time during the season, but unfortunately cannot pro-rate subscription fees. Late subscribers are welcome to “make up” missed movies at other Matinee Club locations throughout the season.

Refunds: No refunds can be made after the first October Matinee Club event.   A $5 processing fee will be charged on all refunds.

Movie selections: Each month, we choose two films (except for Roberts Chatham Cinema location which only has one screen) from the 4-5 selections which are in the theater the day of our event, but we have no control over the movie selections made by the theater, and Bow-Tie management cannot make changes to accommodate our group. We always invite members who prefer a movie which we are screening elsewhere to attend that alternate location. Movie selections for all locations are posted on the website.

Snow days: If it is necessary to cancel a Matinee Club event due to weather or other unforseen events, we will schedule a make-up event later that month, if possible, or invite members to attend a movie at one of the other nearby locations. Notice of any cancellation will be communicated to all members by email and posted under Announcements on this website.

Early starts in Chatham:  At the request of Roberts Chatham Theater, at our Wednesday series at that location, it may be necessary to begin the film at 11 am instead of 11:30 am IF we ever have a movie that is particularly long - more than 2 hours 20 minutes.  We do not anticipate this will happen often but, in the event that it should occur, we will inform all Club members well in advance by email.  This is not an issue at our Thursday Chatham series.   

Parking: There is a large municipal parking garage behind the Clairidge theater in Montclair. Ridgewood has several metered lots across East Ridgewood Avenue from the theater. Millburn has up to 3 hour metered parking behind the theater, a tiered parking garage on Essex and Main Streets, and also metered street parking. In Chatham, the large parking lot at Hickory Square has ample parking.

Theater Closings: In the event a theater where we hold a Matinee Club event closes mid-season, we cannot offer a refund for that subscription. However, we will do our best to attempt to accommodate you for the remainder of the season by allowing you to attend events at other theaters and, if possible, by opening an event at a nearby theater on the same day as your scheduled event.